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Driver's Championship:    The Interior Detail

**Starting at $200 for small (2 doors) vehicles; Pricing depends on the size and condition of the vehicle**

  • Full Initial Vacuum

    • Brush out any loose debris​ from crevices

  • Shampoo the carpet (and seats if applicable)

  • Follow Up Vacuum

  • Steam cleaning and deep level wipe-down of interior surfaces​​

    • Magic Eraser where needed​

  • Spot treat headliner with steam

  • Leather conditioning throughout interior

  • Deodorize fabrics

  • Seatbelts wiped down

  • Miscellaneous spots addressed

  • Final Vacuum

    • 95% pet hair removal​

  • Windows cleaned

Detailed view of GarLo's Mobile Detailing's interior deep cleaning process, showcasing upholstery shampooing in a Centennial
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The Constructor's Championship

**Starting at $250 for small (2 doors) vehicles; Pricing depends on size, color and condition of the vehicle**

  • Top-side engine detail

  • Undercarriage wash

  • Degrease and deep clean tires, wheels, wheelwells, bumpers, and grille

    • Full bug removal​

  • Chemical decontamination

    • Degreaser

    • Iron Remover

  • Thorough hand wash with high pH soap

  • Clay mitt entire exterior surface

  • Solvent wipe down

  • One step polish

    • Multiple stages upon request​

  • Followed up with IPA prep spray​

  • Sealant applied to paint and trim

  • RainX applied to windows

  • Vinyl shined

  • Tires shined

Inside look at a car's cabin after GarLo's comprehensive interior sanitization and odor removal service in the 80122 area.
Detail Packages: Services
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