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What is the difference between ‘Full Service’ and ‘Detail’?

Full service cleans are more superficial and tend to be what the average consumer prefers. This is the level of clean you’ll find when you go to your local full-service tunnel car wash. Services include basic vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, cleaning glass, and a normal hand wash.


Details are much more thorough and require more time, expertise, and resources. This is the level where you’ll find shampooing, steam cleaning, polishing and paint corrections, carpet extracting, etc.

How long does a detail typically take?

A full service wash can be as short as 90 minutes depending on the size and cleanliness of the vehicle. On average, a full service clean can take around 3 hours.

An in depth detail is much more intensive, and therefore requires more time. Expect the minimum amount of time to be around 4 hours per car, and can be significantly more than that.

How can prices vary?

There is no rigid form of quoting a detail as prices can vary for a few different reasons.

Primarily, the size of the vehicle affects the price, regardless of condition. A three row SUV or minivan is substantially more than a small two door coupe. Expect roughly a 15% increase from a coupe to a 3-row vehicle.

If the vehicle is in poor condition, this will also increase the final price. Vehicles with a lot of foot traffic, kids, pets, or all-around dirty situations, result in additional resources and an increase in labor effort. Expect an additional 10-15% increase depending on how severe the condition is.

Do you require utilities on site in order to function?

Unfortunately, we do not operate fully independently. We consider ourselves housecall only at the moment, which implies we DO require a water and power source on site in order to operate. This means we can not operate in parking lots, apartment complexes, job sites, or areas with no utilities within 75 feet.

What is polishing?

Polishing is the process of refining and correcting the clear coat on a vehicle through machine abrasion. There are multiple levels of polishing. Beginning with with the most basic, All-In-One’s correct and protect (leave a layer of wax) to multiple stages of polishing including compounding and wet-sanding.

What is the difference between wax vs. sealant vs. coating?

Waxes are the most traditional and conventional form of paint protection. They are typically made up of natural carnauba wax that leaves a slick feeling to the car but is not very durable.

Sealants are the progression of waxes, composed of synthetic polymers that adhere to the paint better than natural waxes and are more durable and chemical resistant. They can be more finnicky to apply though.

Coatings are the most modern and robust form of paint protection. They are made up of either ceramic or graphene. When applied correctly, they can last upwards of 5 years depending on the manufacturer's rating. They provide 9H hardness and is essentially an additional layer of clear coat on your car. They are NOT scratch or stain resistant. Coatings should only be applied by professionals as they are a sensitive product that require precise lighting, ambient conditions, and form.

What is the difference between a shampooing and an extraction?

Shampooing is the more basic and typical form of cleaning fabrics. It consists of spraying a dedicated upholstery cleaner on to the fabric and agitating with specific brushes. This is usually done with a drill brush for maximum efficiency. Heat through the form of steam can be added to optimize the results.

Extracting is the more professional and detailed level of cleaning upholstery. It requires the use of special machinery that operates on the same principal as a home carpet cleaner. A 2-in-1 wand sprays a special solution into the fabric while simultaneously, extracting the solution and stains with a high-power vacuum. For best results, both methods should be performed.

What is the difference between a conditioning wash and a strip wash?

A conditioning wash is one where a pH neutral soap is used to maintain the appearance of the vehicle in its current state. Typically, there are no fillers in a pH neutral soap. Additional soaps, such as those with ceramic additives or wax fillers, can be used to reinvigorate the current coating or to simply add a little bit of protection .

A strip wash uses a high alkaline soap to increase the cleaning performance of the wash. This is done to deep clean the paint and strip the paint of any previous waxes, road grime, and overall contaminants. Degreasers and iron removers are used in addition to enhance the results.  A clay mitt is often used in this type of wash to add another level of thoroughness and leave the paint feeling buttery smooth. This level of wash is done in order to prep the vehicle’s paint for polishing or to apply a new layer of sealant or coating.


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